Every once in a while, we encounter people who step forward and do something beyond themselves.  I have been very fortunate over the past few months to find several of these people.  I cannot thank enough those in my life who offer assistance, a talent, a service, or maybe just a few hours of their time, and do so out of the kindness of their heart without expecting anything in return.

My sincere thank you to the following people who saw my vision to bring something beautiful to a not-so-beautiful thing (cancer).  You have turned my passion into a reality.

To my husband Steve, children Stephen, Sean, Scott and Meghan, and wonderful sisters, especially Mary, for their constant inspiration, support, love, and patience throughout this journey.

To Gemma Descoteaux, for always believing in me, giving constant support and assistance, and providing pro bono legal services for my business. (

To Ann Sears and Carol Ann Davis, for selflessly providing hours upon hours of assistance in helping to make my business dream possible.

To Alison Warning, the best friend I could ever ask for! You have been the cheerleader behind me every step of the way. You will always be my shopping buddy in China.

To Maryah Tift, “The Champ” who fought cancer so bravely. Your story was one of the strongest motivations for me to start my business.  The necklace in your memory has touched so many people. I hope it will someday be worn by millions. You are an angel!

To Rachel Perez and all of Maryah’s family, you are in my prayers.  I will keep fighting until there is a cure, so no other family has to experience your struggle.

To Jason Warren of JWarren Consulting for helping to get things started and for his web consulting services. (

To Shawn Glenn of Glenn Creative TX for my logo design.

To Marcia & John Pierret for helping in so many ways, especially for their decorating talents, photography, and loving friendship.

To Fastsigns Plano for their continuous hours of dedicated work and the gorgeous designs and signs. (

To Tracy Allyn Photography for the great photos of the models and The Cancer Pearls™ Collection jewelry. (

To Ruben Mendiola of Mendior Photography for photographing the Signature Collection™. (

To NorthPark Center 2010 – 2011 for their generous donation of the beautiful storefront. (

To my gorgeous models, Sarah Decker, Jelena Kovacevic, Kim Cox, Leslie Randle and Lauren Kelsey Connolly, for their beauty, poise, and courage in their first modeling experiences.

To Prism Web Media for web design and shopping cart construction. (

To Jamie Harris, for asking me to design a cancer bracelet that ultimately led to The Cancer Pearls™ Collection.

Finally, to all of you, my customers, who have brought me hope through inspirational stories, constant promotion of The Cancer Pearls™ Collection, and support in the fight against cancer.