Be the Match ©

Margaret Palmer Jewelry selected freshwater pearls to represent the “layers of love” you can provide a patient with a life-saving marrow match. The pearls are custom dyed in Be The Match© signature blue and green colors and mixed with crystals to give each piece a sparkle of hope. Margaret’s goal is to design jewelry that is noticed and starts a conversation. Each time you wear a piece from the Margaret Palmer Jewelry Collection, make it an opportunity to spread the word about Be The Match©. Make today the day you decide to save a life.

Layers of Love

A pearl grows when a rough,irritating piece of sand
is trapped within the tender flesh of an oyster.

The oyster forms layer after layer of protective shell around the irritant,
until it is transformed into a beautiful pearl.

Cancer is the irritant we need to surround with layers of love and support.
You and your prayers are the layers of protection for a cancer patient.

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