Maryah’s Necklace

Greatness through Humility

When we allow the lives of others to touch our hearts and change our minds, we can do great things. Maryah, daughter, sister, friend and school-mate, battled a rare form of bone cancer from 2004 to 2010. She embodied grace, strength and perseverance.
Life is Fleeting

Maryah’s story came to Margaret through her daughter, who attended Maryah’s high school. From a distance they kept up with the details of Maryah’s battle. When treatment options ran out in 2010, Margaret wondered at the difficulties one faces when losing a child, sister, friend or school-mate. With her heart already set on creating inspiring jewelry to support the fight against cancer, Margaret turned her attention to honoring a brave young woman.
Starting the Conversation

Maryah’s Necklace, a simple yet elegant piece, is designed for a youthful audience and promotes conversations and prayer. The expandable nature of the necklace allows this keepsake to grow with each new story the wearer wishes to honor. Just like her other pieces, the bold, luminescent peals represent each color of cancer.

The vision for Maryah’s Necklace: To inspire schools and school-age youth to talk openly about cancer, including what to look for, how to support others and how to contribute to the fight over one’s lifetime. Schools interested in holding assemblies to increase awareness should contact Margaret Palmer Jewelry for more information.

For the complete story, including her parents’ thoughts and struggles, please visit Maryah’s Caring Bridge Web Site honoring a brave young woman, also known as “The Champ”.

You can purchase a Maryah’s Necklace here.